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1792 days ago

Marcus Tullius Cicero insults Marc Anthony," Please listen if you're sober and intelligent, not a drink sodden sex-addict wreck. You have brought up on war, pestilence and destruction, You are Rome's Helen of Troy....

1816 days ago

Is the economy booming? No. Are taxes lower? No. Are any of us better off now than before he took office? No. Is crime down? No. Seriously, why do any of you think he's the epitome of good goverment?

1888 days ago

She's Pooping Fabric,

1900 days ago

Otherwise known as theory of "middletivity." Someone is going to suffer from a post-party depression.

1906 days ago

The horrors of the past cannot be an excuse for hurting people in the present, said Guy Aoki, president of the Media Action Network for Asian Americans, an anti-defamation group. "If Sen. McCain had been captured by Nigerians, could he call those people `n---' and think he wasn't going to offend everyone who is black?" Akoi asked. "We can all feel for what he went through, but if that's his level of sensitivity, I'm very disappointed." (SFGATE) Wow, He said it 100% better.

1907 days ago

It's not rocket science.  If you get off the couch, you will lose weight.

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1907 days ago

I always laugh when people buy a diet soda with their big mac. Diet soda increases your appetite and it contains preservatives.

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1907 days ago

It's pretty hard to ignore.

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1907 days ago

Now my only question: Is Sister Patterson is Tiffany's real mother or an actress paid by VHI?

Update: Is it possible to get a lambchop overload? The only acting that she could do is in peep shows.

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1907 days ago

Lighten up, it's just rateitall!

Get over it! Maybe you're not worth leaving a comment over.

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