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..."escaped lunatic seeks asylum." Likes Cats, cheesy reality shows,and British history.

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Im 26 I have 2 children and I'm engaged. Fav bands off all time is Poison, Guns N Roses, and Queen. I also lik...

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Expert author of gadget, electronics items, technology, telecommunication.

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Sports Utility Vehicles (SUVs)

Sports Utility Vehicles are traditionally used for off-road travelling, but have recently gained popularity in ur...

Celebrity Mugshots

A list, B-list, and even the D-list.

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Funniest skits from the sketch-comedy show SCTV, starring John Candy, Dave Thomas, Joe Flaherty, Andrea Martin, C...

Baseball Nicknames

Some were created by sportswriters, some by fans, some by team-mates. They seem to be a dying art in the modern ...

Fast Food Chains

Fast food no longer just means bugers and fries. There are a variety of fast food chains now, specializing in chi...

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A list, B-list, and even the D-list.

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