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1593 days ago

First off I'm not going on a rant on how i hate Burton i'm just giving you the facts and my experences.

Burton boards are good no doubt there but for the price you pay you are paying extra FOR THE NAME. alot of kids get burton boards for christmas because there mothers go and find out they are the number one seller.

if your looking for a board buy it because you like the technology behind it not the brand name or the graphics. if your a new rider just because you have a cool looking board doesn't mean jack sh*t.

for anyone who doesn't believe me:
go research some low end boards and compare them to other low end boards and go compare high end boards to other high end boards. you will find that you will find the same (or better) technology in other companies than you will with burton. also they will be cheeper.

burton, to date, has not come out with any technology that has blown my mind.
lib tech came out with the reverse camber and now this year neversummer came out with the combination of rocker and camber. these companies are still trying to perfect their board and you can tell they still love the sport and not in it for the money.

last note: the sales rep's at burton are complete a**holes, they do not answer my questions. they simply restate what the have posted on their website. i emailed neversummer and burton this year asking them to weigh (in ouces) one of each of their boards just for my own knowledge. neversummer emailed back with the answer to my question along with more info on that board. burton emailed back and said "we dont do that -burton"

hopes this helps and didnt offend anyone

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