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1612 days ago

AVOID THIS DENTIST!‎‎ I had a bad experience with this dentist! I went to his office for some tooth cleaning and the dentist convinced me that he can do an "amazing job" in executing some bridges I also intended to do at a latter time. He convinced me verbally that he has "the best materials in town" and "the best technology". In reality the materials he uses are substandard and the execution is horrible and paintful. He used partial dentures that broked in less than 24 hours and I suffered pain until the final briges were ready. The materials that he used for my bridges do not have the proper quality so my bridges erodated very quiqly and now I need to change them. In addition he demaged some normal teeths. My personal advise for you: avoid this place. But if you do get there by mistake, do not make any advance payments unless you see the final work done and if you fill that you are satisfied with it.

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