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About me: We believe many things, but we now KNOW three. First, Obama is a socialist. To his core, and so is the core of the US Government. Second, the objective of his presidency is to end the free market and with it freedom. Third, whether he succeeds depends on people of moderate ideology sitting back and doing nothing. These three things we do know.
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1096 days ago

Have you forgotten the brief period when CBS owned the Yankees? Their ineptness is pretty hard to match, even for George . . . and George did win a handful championships along the way. They just lost a ton of money on a "can't miss" investment.

1096 days ago

1096 days ago

Right . . . ho hum, nothing significant here . . .

No party has lost this much influence in one election since Harry Truman pissed off America in 1946. But even old "give 'em hell, Harry" didn't lose so much in the statehouses as has the twelve-year-old-in-chief. Moderate democrats might be experiencing a touch of buyers' remorse. It's usually too late when you do, and it is now also.

This election, or "restrainig order" acording to P. J. O'Rourke, is a direct and unmistakable rebuke of the Leftward Lurch. The health care takeover, which nobody calls "reform" anymore, should be repealed and re-invented on a bi-partisan basis, or else it should be defunded and battled out in the state courts, which it is now and ever shall be.

Cap and trade, the evil plot to quadruple America's electrc bills, is now dead. It will not pass, it will not collect $200, nobody will mention it again except to remind moderates of the stupid overreach now known as the Obama Manifesto.

Obama now owns the 10% unemployment rate, which is appropriate as his kindred intellectual giant (Jimmy Carter) owns the last one.

Will the republicans, the unwitting and unwitted beneficiaries of Obama's arrogant and innumerable missteps, govern appreciably differently? Probably not substantially. But, if they're paying attention, they'll notice that the last liberal/moderate republican to win a national election (George W. Bush) masqueraded as a conservative. His father did the same. Richard Nixon did, also. Bill Clinton won reelection by swerving violently to the middle ground. However, Obama will not. He will crash and burn much like Jimmy Carter did, sticking blindly and arrogantly to his "principles, " as if that is what they were. Obama only knows one persona. One political persuasion. A rigid ideologue, he will not be capable of the change necessary to save his party (we now know that, for sure) as if he could care anyway.

You want to see an ugly two years of politics, you just hang on. As his political brain trust of politicians leave him, the purity of the inner circle of ideologues becomes greater. They know how to wield power, and they are not given to compromise.

But, as an event of 2010, it's much bigger (for America and Americans) than the Haiti earthquake, Chile's earthquake and mining accident and every other event. The gauntlet has been thrown down and, as Dennis Miller chastised John Boehner for his emotional election night speech, "there's no crying in bloodsport! "

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1096 days ago

P. J. O'Rourke said "this wasn't an election, it was a restrainig order. " Classic.

1098 days ago

Imagine that. Thanks, Gt.

1098 days ago

Don't get your hopes up, news of my death has been greatly exaggerated. I'll still swoop in and comment from time to time, like when the twelve-year-old-in-chief gets thumped in a national election. Wha'd ya think, I missed it?

Actually, my Dad passed away in August, and as much as the death of an 83 year old cancer patient can be a shock, it really kicked my ass. On the other hand, three of my children have married over the past 18 months and I'm a grandfather. (And don't think it's a small task to write the words "Grandpa Eschew" on a Christening card the first time. )

Anyway, I'm not gone, just distracted. And, how 'bout them midterms!!

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1101 days ago

I'm not so sure it's a tryout as a desperate firing of the wave of rubber stampers who passed the aboninable health care "reform" law and lots and lots and lots of other anti-business legislation over the past four (yes, FOUR) years. The general condition of the American economy is a major contributor (i.e. the unemployment rate at a level my generation thought was impossible), Obama's arrogance and hatred of the free market, a crushing debt placed on our children (and their children, and THEIR children), bailouts to millionaires, stimulus spending which does nothing but expand the influence of government bureaucrats, and the creeping increase in unionization at a time when Americans realize the jobs are not going to return anyway.

The silliness of Governor Cuomo promising to "reform" Albany, Governor Moonbeam has a "plan" to straighten out California (THIS time) and Obama's news conference on Wednesday, confirming to Americans how stupid they are and that he just wasn't given the chance to communicate what he was doing, wouldn't have been written more comically by SNL or Stewart (Wait, they COULDN'T have, could they, ideologically speaking?) added a wonderful humor to the event. Even Boehner's tearful acceptance speech was too funny. (Dennis Miller: "Wait, there's no crying in bloodsport . . . " )

NOW has to be proud knowing all you need do to a woman candidate is turn the one-sided press loose on them, call them whores, bitches and witches and . . . VOILA . . . they get defeated. They're the National Organization for WHAT?

Boehner will regain his composure, put together a bill to repeal Obamacare, Obama will veto it and it will now be defunded, one initiative at a time. But, now it's been taken over by the government. For all their rosy rhetoric, even republicans cannot abdicate such abusable power. The negative impact on our health care will be with us all for the rest of our lives. Damn.

Cap and trade is dead, so are Sarah Palin's presidential aspirations, so are Obama's reelection prospects. It was a fun ride, was it worth it? The lame duck session ought to be interesting, Nancy Pelosi still has a deathgrip on that gavel. I wonder how much more damage can be done, now that Americans feel they have -ectomied the cancer.

Ah, gridlock, sweet gridlock . . .

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1103 days ago

Evil? A four on the evil scale? Very dramatic. Intelligent people can argue all day about the merits of am upstart organization like this, mistakes they made and tactical errors committed. Putting together a nationwide, lightning quick response to the leftward lurch our country took with its first avowed socialist president is probably something ye naysayers ought to recognize for its complexity and inevetable pratfalls, but it is about to have a significant effect on the US government and its new make-up, for better or for worse.

Those critical of it ought, at least, to be able to be original in their criticisms, though. These criticisms are mostly exerpted directly from the articles of the NY Times and other fawning-left political voices. It's almost like liberals need not have an original thought anymore.

Anyway, this is what happens when both parties are complicit in a movement toward socialist dominance which the majority of the voters know instinctively is bad for America. So bad that we have fought wars to keep this ideology from taking hold in this country. But when you control the media, education system and both parties, you control a lot. Happy election day, Leftward Lurch!

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1110 days ago

Excellent decision. This will cause the end to most of the funding of the left-wing crusader network. I suppose Nina Totenberg has to be chuckling he got himself fired for his "incendiary" comments, after her left-wing bomb throwing was hardly noticed by the "brass" at NPR. At the end of the day, under the cold blue light of analysis, NPR and its spokespeople look positively dumb . . . and politically tone deaf.

They couldn't stop if they tried and will continue to pump pom-poms for every lefty cause and candidate through their expressed hatred for any ideas and/or people to the right of Mao. They scold Obama, not for his poorly explained socialistic overreach, but because he's not strong enough to arrogantly continue to ignore the obvious will of the vast majority of Americans, which they will vividly witness on November 3rd. Don't cry for NPR, they've found a dangerous and manipulative sugar daddy in George Soros and will soon be completely unwatchable . . . even for the three dozen unfortunates who might care.

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1191 days ago

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