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1778 days ago

Terrible attitude:
The only reason I went to his office was because he sent a letter to the neighbors informing he will be opening on Saturdays. This was perfect for me so I would not be absent to work. I went to the west clinic and even though I had the appointment they never told me the clinic will be closed Saturdays. I had no option but to go to downtown office and of course I was the last one to be attended. There were a lot of very young pregnant women and they seemed to have government insurance since no one paid. The doctor was very rude to me and the I asked him some questions and he did not answer just gave an offensive explanation to me and took him less than 5 minutes to have the pap-S sample.

We as women need somebody to be professional and kind, he was wearing his cowboy boots and was in a hurry, seemed to me that he hates what he does.

Not to mention that I have a very good insurance and also paid everything they charged which was not covered .

I will never never come back to his office.

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