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Spontaneous, crazy, sexy, cool, funny, love life, love good people, love having a good time, positive, calm, alwa...

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I'm a fun, animal loving, sweet natured person. I love horses, and I'll accept mules and donkeys although they...

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Not good at this sort of thing.

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Brian is an Architectural Applications Specialist that trains architects and designers the use of their archit...

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Which opera singer is your favourite?

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Al Franken (in Humor Authors)

Very funny and politically accurate.

Cathy Guisewite (in Humor Authors)

OK! We get it! You think you are fat!

Dave Barry (in Humor Authors)

He is hilarious! Wish he would write again.

Shinto (in Religions)

Worshipping the emperor - not good. But Ancestor worship is superior to worshipping a god in my book. Hell, even ...

Sikhism (in Religions)

Interesting that they basically tried to combine Islam with Hinduism, but still nonsense.

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Rate the girls of Cycle Two.

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