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1810 days ago

Exactly correct, Just not Strong Enuff - a past employee ...
Drunks, Criminals, Liars, Cheaters, Fools ... and that's just the 'staff', dumb people, no licenses to fix electric or HVAC issues, everything is a mess.... some buildings (apartments) shut down sections for 3 plus years .... unpaid employees, all Contract Employees, do not pay your taxes, no health care ... probably the worst of the worst, really. The only classy employee, died a year ago, was a nice guy, the rest are carpetbaggers or worse ... careful the cheap suit and glad hand/smile!

If you want your vehicle looted, damaged, etc. Park at Fourth and Race Garage ....dark and scarry...ready to cave-in structually...

1810 days ago

Many, Many individuals, tenants, residents, Vendors, Suppliers, Contractors and Past Employees are "EQUAL" in the review of the Corporation, Owner (Laney Holbrook and Family - Zak / Jeb, etc) as well as their "ETHICS", MORALS or Business Practice(s) .... as follows 1. Properties/Apartments: Run Down, Drug Dealers on Site, Dirty, Need Repairs, Sewer Water Back-ups, Leaks, Broken Windows, Poor Security or None ... Lights Burned-Out, Swimming Pools not Maintained/Filters do not work, Rats and Pest(Bed Bugs Common in several locations - Ask Budget Pest Control ... Suppliers often remain unpaid, 120-180 days late, Collections required - Ask Hyde Park Landscape - Mike, Owner ...

Managers have NO AUTHORITY to make repairs or fix, replace or get maintenance orders .... Ask Cincinnati Metropolitan Housing Authority, Police Runs - Ask Cincinnati Police District 2 or 4 .... Ask Hamilton County Sheriff's Offices or Fairfield Police... Mobile Home Parks and/or Heritage Glenn in Fairfield, Ohio - Lotsa Drugs Deal, Graffiti and Nightly Fights and Shootings ... illegal residents too!

You could visit the Corporate Office Downtown @ 105 West Fifth Street - 4th and Race Tower, the Building was nice, is run down, nearly empty and HVAC/Electric Systems are ready to give-out 100%

Do not go to their Offices on top floor, no body will see you, will lie to you and will have police escort you from the Lobby. Unless you walk in late afternoon when parties, drinking and other related activities or happening behind closed doors .... yep, you guessed right ... be careful here.

Don't worry, the Owner(Holbrook Family) Sucks plenty of cash outta these properties, just do not help the residents, pay their bills timely, or ever ... ask around, most past people with contact to
have done business with 'Holbrook' - refuse to ever again do work, only accept cash in advance or
get the BAD SUPRISE of their lives and a few even went broke, waiting for payment. If you have a Boat on the River ... avoid Rivertowne Marina; no experience, poor service, looks OK, but, you've been warned ... this is a Pirate Operation at Best 'ask around', you won't get want you pay for!!!

If you meet the family - keep your hands on your wallet, they will buy you drinks, diner maybe even get you to some drugs....etc.... you'll wish you had walked the other way ... ask around ....

These remarks are NOT emotional, not from anger, just a person of honesty hoping to avoid other good people avoid this Company's ... Families ... problems being hosted upon you and yours. God Bless You - Take Heed My unknown friends. These remarks WILL BE DEFENDED IN ANY LOCAL, STATE or FEDERAL COURT AS TRUE, ACCURATE AND BASED UPON SOUND EVIDENCE AND FACTS !

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