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1846 days ago

It was just discovered that the pastor of this church has been stalking a young lady and threatening to make her life a living hell if she doesn't go to bed with her. We caught Wynetta Green and Carolyn Gaymon, not only following this lady physically across the country as she relocated over and over again to keep this cult away from her, but we just caught them following this lady around on the internet and spreading lies about her. A protective order is being worked on at this time. Wynetta Green, Carolyn Gaymon and Alva Fields are lesbians. Wynetta Green and Carolyn Gaymon are sexual perverts who have been sexual predators against this lady for years. After the protective order is issued or the judge decides how best to handle this situation, lawsuits will be drawn up against this false church and hopefully this cult, along with others who are apart of this scheme will be eliminated from hurting other innocent people.

This young lady's mother who is Verlene Smith has been trying to murder her. Her mother murdered her brother and cousin and this young lady is innocent and has been trying to get herself together so that she can bring charges against her mother and maybe write a novel about her life of abuse. Because this cult tried to destroy this lady's testimony, we have to warn others of their crooked and evil dealings. PLEASE DO NOT VISIT THIS PLACE NOR GIVE THEM MONEY. DO NOT CAST YOUR PEARLS BEFORE SWINE FOR THJEY WILL TURN AGAINST YOU AND RIP YOU APART!

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