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1397 days ago

I will NEVER go back to Waterloo transmission again. I called
for a price on a trans fluid exchange. I was quote $59.95 by the owner Jim. So I made an appointment. They said it would take 45 minutes. So I left. 1.5 hrs later o call to know what's taking so long. While on the phone they kept implying there was something wrong with my transmission. I said I haven't had any problems at all. They said it could have been the previos
owner, when I told them I bought it new 4 years ago they abruptly stop trying to get me tp buy more services. They tried to charge me $90 wen I picked up my car. When I said ji was who I talked
to, Jim immediately no hesitation Oked the price of $59. They put in the minimum amount of fluid, I had to add more when I got home. And they forcedh key into the ignition and am now having problems turning it and also getting my key out. They did an awful job and would steer everyone I know away from using them....THEY ARE AWFUL and DISHONEST. STAY AWAY

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