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49 days ago

I'd rather masturbate with sandpaper.

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76 days ago

WOW!! Thank you all so much for your kind comments.

91 days ago

My sister passed away from cancer back in 2008. I remember she was moved to a hospital where basically patients go to die. I made a personal note to myself that I would go and see her with a nice bunch of flowers the day I got paid which was only two days away at the time. Unfortunately she passed away before that happened. I was so sad, upset and angry at myself for not going sooner. I don't think she would have given a flying damn if I arrived in that hopsital with a clown suit on, she just would have been happy to see me before I left. Looking back I held importance to something frugal over a life. Time is just way too precious.

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103 days ago

That's why it's good to have me on here Abi ;-) haha.

In all seriousness I remember when I was in Cali during the riots back in the UK and the news coverage was minimal at best. I honestly wasn't impressed. Thank goodness for modern technology as I was able to access various news radio stations back home.

I don't know if the news over where you are has covered the Euro Zone crisis as yet? That's a big one with results expected within 9 days or less. Keep a look-out on "The Guardian", "The Mirror" and "The Independent" websites. I don't know if you have a smartphone, but tunein radio is STRONGLY recommended. Even if you don't have a smartphone you can access it on this website here:

BBC Radio Five Live and also LBC are two stations that are a must if your passionate about world news and I'm sure they'll be covering the Euro Zone item closer to the time so that your not completely isolated.

104 days ago

I've always said that when you put someone on stage (whether it be a singer, actor or comedian) that's when you can tell if they are talented. Unlike a music video, film or TV show where things are edited and someones singing voice can be altered the stage basically exposes you as your soul is on the floor and there's nowhere to hide. Jill Scott is TALENTED. Seriously talented. I went to see her live in London last night and she didn't disappoint. Not one bit. You could tell that she truly enjoyed being on the stage and wasn't there just to collect a little change before Christmas. Jill really held the crowds attention and didn't want to leave. She really hit some high notes with that Soprano voice of hers and when her heels were getting too much by walking and standing on the stage too long she made no fuss and kicked them right off and carried on singing. As a musician one of the best things about writing your own songs is when the crowd can recite every single last word with passion. There is no other level of appreciation or compliment bigger than that.

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106 days ago

That strike tomorrow is going to be the biggest one in regards to the public sector. 90% of schools will be closed. They told us at work that if we strike we won't get paid. I had to laugh. Miss out on a days pay or pension for the rest of your life? No brainer really.

The retirement age in 2028 will be 67.

Keep a close eye on the news over here like radio 5 live which you can get on tunein radio on your smartphones and also The Guardian and the Independent. Some good articles here:

106 days ago

What angers me is not so much these people demonstrating as they have a right to, it's the Politicians constantly turning a blind eye at every corner who just simply don't give a crap. What makes me laugh is that the people who are criticising these "occupy" are the ones who don't have to go through what most people have to go through now on a daily basis. Constantly watching the pennies. We now have "Occupy St Paul's" which is set up right in the heart of London's square mile. They've been given until sometime in January before they get evicted. Today they mentioned in the newspapers that the UK is heading for a double-dip recession. I'm not surprised. George Osborne's plan is not only a fiasco, but a an absolute joke. Small businesses hire public sector workers and that way we get more growth? A child of four could have told you that wasn't the way to go. The politicians once again are in Denialville. Tomorrow there's a national strike with public sector workers about their pensions as basically once again we've been screwed. Can you imagine? Working so damn hard for over 30 years, paying your taxes and for a small minority of people who don't want to go to work and then being told that not only are you going to get a crap pension, but you have to work until your 66. Nice sentiment, but can you see a 66 year old builder or nurse? Once those Politicians have come back from their vacation in Denialville they should take a direct flight to Reality Town.

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152 days ago

The title is a bit confusing as they still had the Welsh on there as well as people from Northern Ireland and Scotland. It should have been aptly titled "The UK has Talent".

153 days ago

Take it out of the garage = Take the person off the single market
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