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970 days ago

Last week we made some changes to our hosting environment that caused the speed of the site to degrade. As of this afternoon, things have been corrected, and the performance of RateItAll should be back to the level that you've come to expect.

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1011 days ago

This is the best conference named after a newly made-up word that I've been to this year!

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1029 days ago

An excellent Bond movie with plenty of action. This movie features some of the best chase and fight scenes anywhere, and Craig is an excellent Bond. Although I really enjoyed the first movie, this sequel is probably better than Casino Royale. This movie is easily comparable in action and editing to the Bourne series, but without all that grainy flashback and amnesia nonsense. There is also a 3 parts gin / 1 part vodka cocktail recipe in the movie, but I didn't catch the mixer they were using.

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1173 days ago

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1213 days ago

This thriller is an interesting remake. A lot of the film is presented as a form of flashback in a style where the interrogator appears at the scene in the flashback, and interacts with the narrator. This is a novel way to tell the story and manages to make a few familiar movie cliches interesting. Morgan Freeman and Gene Hackman both give strong performances.

With Monica Bellucci, who appears half dressed thirty seconds after the opening credits.

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1213 days ago

This movie NOT a documentary about the Twitter network. It's about a guy who has a hobby that involves following people, who meets a guy with a hobby of breaking into people's homes. Both pastimes revolve around the expectations of privacy and an interest in penetrating the life of total strangers. It is shot in black and white.

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1218 days ago

Probably because the book's title mentioned Hockey, Amazon's sorting algorithm put it into the Sports & Hobby category.

1227 days ago

So far I've owned every iPhone model. This is the latest one and it's a big leap over the 3GS.

My favorite improvement on this new phone has to be the screen. The screen on this device is amazing. This so called "retina display" is the clearest, sharpest display I've ever seen on any electronics. It actually has a higher DPI than the last laser printer I bought. It's also a lot more contrasty than the previous iPhone screen, so blacks look a lot blacker.

Comparing this to the previous iPhone 3GS, it is a bit smaller and easier to hold, is faster, and the camera is better. I use the camera on my phone a lot, so this was important to me. In addition, it shoots HD video. Call quality seems clearer -- possibly because of the 2nd microphone. The speaker and speakerphone also sound a lot louder.

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1229 days ago

This guy has been a breakfast cereal captain for over thirty years.
Shouldn't he be Admiral Crunch by now??
They started calling Kirk the Admiral after only a few movies.

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1229 days ago

Well-crafted thriller that is quite disturbing. Both DiCaprio and Ben Kingsley are great in it. Worth watching twice if you can stomach it.

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