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I'm a guy from Cincinnati, Ohio/United States
About me: I'm an American male professional from Ohio who enjoys computers, tennis, playing volleyball, time with family and friends, popular music, travel, crossword puzzles, writing, and sharing good humor. I love pop culture despite all of its warts, and try to take a balanced approach to issues of the day. "Andrew Scott" is taken from my real first and middle names.
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639 days ago

Like American Idol, Deal or No Deal knows how to milk the suspense of what will happen to charismatic, emotional personalities who get their moment in the spotlight. Except that Deal or No Deal involves zero skill, just dumb luck. Viewers get to vicariously live a dream of instant riches through a hour of roller coaster histrionics. For me, it's guilty pleasure watching, as I find myself sometimes sucked in to see how a contestant fares.
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639 days ago

Atkins gets credit for getting many Americans over addictions to sugar and other empty carbs. He's right to credit desserts, junk food snacks and soda for fast tracking people to obesity.

Unfortunately, the Atkins diet mistakenly devalues the role of fiber-rich fruits of vegetables for weight loss and does too little to emphasize lean protein sources over high-fat proteins for faster results and better health. A sensible weight loss plan goes beyond avoiding empty carbs. It's about getting plenty of vegetables with your lean protein, practicing sensible portion control, and keeping active with enough physical exercise.
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