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Me, I' am much of a technalogical person where I like to be on my Lapt (short for laptop) alot and do many things on it. I' am not the kinda guy who goes out alot. Nor do I talk to many people in person, where I like to talk to them on the net rather then in person. Just to let ya on some info about me. I' am into the weather alot where I like to see storms and lightning which is the best element of weather to me. I have also been getting into a phase where I like to take pictures of storms, ominous sky scenes, and just plain cool things that happen in the sky whenever I can take shots of it if possible. And weather is what I' am aiming currently, pursuing in my career life. And also of course, basing on Finding Nemo and my review related to it, You can pretty much tell i'am a Dory person and I know alot (most likely too much) about her. As I'am more of a defender of the individ. rather then fan, and am wanting to keep her alive in the world for as long as she can be remembered in the future. But She still rocks though, and would like to meet new people who like her or no matter if it is her or the movie, or also share other interests I have including Wx = ) .


Dory, FindingNemo, PC, Movies, Weather, Graphics, VideoGames

Favorite Music & Artists:

Have lot of music I like and rarely any favorite Artists since my interests are not much into this.

Favorite Books & Authors:

Read Books, Liked some Authors, but cannot say much here either.

Favorite Movies, TV Shows, Stars & Directors:

Finding Nemo (OF COURSE!). But like some other movies too; Do not have really have any fav TV Shows since I dun watch T.V. much at all; Do have some actors and Directors I like but nothing real major to say that are favorites of mine.

Favorite Web Sites:

http://aecs.blogdrive.com (external link) 
http://www.wunderground.com (external link) 
http://fan.geekish.net/findingnemo (external link) 
http://www.fanfiction.net (external link) 

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